norokka Child Seat Cover

protect loved-ones from wind and rain

5 reasons to choose norokka

  • Proven Success in Japan, over 10,000 sold annually
  • Makes commute stress-free for parents as well
  • Unique quick attach/detach system for ease and safety
  • Instantly foldable for carrying and storing
  • Works with most child seats in Europe

Everything about norokka in 60 sec.

Let us introduce ourselves...

Who are we?

  • We are a small family-owned company, established in Tokyo in 2016.  After nearly 2 years of research and development, we launched our first child seat cover and branded it “norokka” in 2018.
  • “norokka” has won the “Japan Kids Design Award” soon after it was launched and achieved successful sales, winning 2nd place (out of 8 million products) in Sports and Outdoor category of Rakuten in 2019.
  • Followed by the success, we have developed more products designed for children under the age of 10.

How are products born?

  • All the products were designed by the founder, Aki Murazumi.  Through his real-life experience raising his son, he has invented the child seat cover to protect his son and wanted to see his smile even under rain.
  • Our mission is to “Light up children’s smile wiith new ideas and inventions”.  And, as a startup brand, we tasked ourselves to create something new that did not already exist in this world.  We believe inventing new solutions will bring new smiles to children.
  • Most of our products are patented in Japan and manufactured in a Japanese factory in Vietnam.  We are proud to partner with an ISO 9001 registered company who is also a manufacturer of global outdoor brands.

Who are the customers?

  • In Japan, especially in urban cities, commuting by bicycle with a child seat is a popular way of taking children to their kindergarten.  During the rainy season and winter, the cover is highly valued and popular.   
  • With the cover, children are happy to get on the bicycle even under the rain and/or cold weather.  Especially on a busy morning, keeping your child happy (not being grumpy) can definitely reduce stress of the parents as well.
  • Outside of Japan, child seat covers are yet new to the market, which means, it has significant potential for growth. We hope to find the partner to bring child more smiles together.

Product Details

Colors we offer

  • Currently we have 2 colors; Black and Olive
  • We are happy to discuss with you about original color

Child seats model fitment

Followings are child seats that we confirmed it fits on norokka. Both carrier and frame mount can be installed, but fook on the back of cover can only be used for carrier mount.

  • Thule Yepp (Maxi/Nexxt Maxi)
  • Polisport(Guppy Maxi/Bilby)
  • Hamax(Kiss/Zenith/Caress)
  • Bonike (One Maxi/Go Maxi/Exclusive Maxi/Tour Exclusive)
  • OGK (urban iki)